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Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and training, Smart Athlete Physiotherapy at Studio Revolution takes a holistic approach to injuries and pain. During your initial visit you’ll undergo an extensive evaluation to determine whether any deficiencies and/or weaknesses could have contributed to the injury. By doing so, we focus on the root cause, clearing up not only the symptoms, but reducing the risk of reoccurrence.

Smart Athlete physiotherapists collaborate closely with our team of strength coaches and trainers to provide an integrated treatment plan for clients that are training under our methodology and expertise. If you’re new to Studio Revolution, we’re happy to collaborate with any health care providers you have.

Not injured and want to keep it that way? Smart Athlete physiotherapists offer preventative treatments to keep you performing at your best and educational support through our extensive exercise video library to strengthen weakened areas, improve flexibility and mobility while decreasing the risk for future injury.

Physiotherapy at Studio Revolution offers:

  • Board-certified therapists
  • Cutting edge mobile app that connects you with your service provider
  • One-on-one attention without the use of aides or assistants
  • Manual techniques found at the elite level of sport
  • State of the art facility with over 30yds of indoor turf

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“As a practicing physician, the training fundamentals that I’ve learned at Studio Revolution have not only been transformative personally but also informed the way I advise my patients. The emphasis on functional fitness and strict attention to proper form has improved my day-to-day quality of life from the outset and has allowed me to avoid the injuries that so often plague middle-aged trainees. This has translated to much safer and effective fitness advice that I’ve provided to my often very chronically ill patients.”

Dr. Samsher Sonawane

“I was fortunate to be introduced to Studio Revolution and their team through a friend. After a long professional soccer career, my body was struggling to do simple athletic tasks. I had almost accepted the fact that playing pick-up soccer or basketball games was no longer possible for me. Golf was even starting to be a struggle. As a 35-year-old ex-athlete, this was a hard reality to swallow, physically and mentally. However, Richard, Jeff and their staff have been nothing short of amazing in their work and commitment to my needs.   They have completely transformed the way my body feels and operates by combining a personalized physiotherapy process with a progressive strength-training program. The results were almost instantaneous. To be physically active again is not only a huge boon for my physical health, but perhaps greatest for my overall happiness.”

William Hesmer, ex-professional MLS athlete

“I have been a client of Studio Revolution for the past 4 years, and it has made a positive difference in my exercise/work-out routine. Like most people, I have choices in where I work-out. I have been a happy client at SR because my training program is tailored to my personal needs and guided by experienced, professional trainers. I am in better shape today than I was 5 years ago, and I am confident my time and investment at SR are the reasons why.”

Scott Custer, CEO, Yadkin Bank

“Studio Revolution is a one-stop shop. Without them I would not be a reigning Xterra National champion in my age group. They are caring professionals working as a team to help improve my performance and health. I appreciate the fact that my strength coach and physical therapist work together, observing my training, to make me the best athlete that I can be. As a coach, I encourage my athletes to also take advantage of their team of experts. Thank you SR for making this year such a success”

Margo Pitts, Founder & Head Coach of B3 Triathlon

“I truly appreciate the approach demonstrated by the training staff at Studio Revolution. They pay close attention to form ensuring you make progress toward your goals without risking injury. I’ve worked with great trainers in Dallas and in New York City – and the quality of the training at Studio Revolution is as good as it gets. Raleigh is lucky to have a training facility of this caliber.”

Teri Hires
Jeff Vajay, PT

Jeff Vajay, PT.

We consider Jeff to be one of the leading physiotherapist in North Carolina. His vision of a premiere training facility in Raleigh, his skillset, and his passion aligned perfectly with the aims of Studio Revolution. Jeff quickly made himself an integral part of the team, becoming the head of Physiotherapy and Performance at Studio Revolution in addition to providing functional physiotherapy, maintenance, and sports performance therapy. Read More

Michael Vita, PT, DPT, ECS

Michael Vita, PT, DPT, ECS.

Jeff and Michael have a long professional history together. Jeff recruited Michael shortly after his arrival because he knew first-hand the quality of Michael’s work and that he would be a perfect fit for the Studio Revolution team and community. Read More

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